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Dental Treatment with Invisalign: Gift Yourself a “Brand New Smile”

Unfortunately, 50% of British adults are uncomfortable with smiling due to the way their teeth look. Dental aesthetics are a significant source of anxiety for many people.. That’s a frightening statistic, and as dentists, we’re looking forward to seeing more beautiful, confident smiles in the streets, at the grocery store, and on the internet.

One method of cosmetically correcting teeth is using Invisalign. Invisalign is an invisible orthodontic device that  restores your teeth using small removable clear retainers. If you’re in the market to get the “brand fresh smile” you’re proud of, these are the four main advantages to opting for Invisalign over traditional braces made of metal:

Benefit 1: Flexible Treatment

One of the most significant advantages of Invisalign retainers is their versatility.

It is recommended to wear your retainer for between 20 and 22 hours per day (taking it off primarily for eating); however, it could be altered according to your needs. If you haven’t been wearing your current retainer for an extended period, then you can defer the date you switch to the next one.

The appeal of this treatment plan is that you can continue to live your social life, increase your confidence, and feel assured while having no worries about destroying the treatment program.

Benefit 2: Discreet Treatment

If you’re already embarrassed over your teeth, adding braces that can come with heavy brackets and unsightly wires is not helping, particularly when it comes to social outings.

Instead, Invisalign uses clear, customised retainers for your tooth. When worn, these retainers are almost unnoticeable to the eye, which means you can carry on with your routine without negatively affecting your confidence.

Benefit 3: There aren’t any scary tools

Did you realise that 53% of the UK population have anxiety or fear at dental clinics? In a strange coincidence, this number is similar to the percentage of people who aren’t happy with dental hygiene, which suggests a connection between both.

Invisalign Much Hadham has changed the way dentists can create stunning smiles by eliminating the need for frightful instruments and drilling, making it the ideal solution for fixing smiles for anxious patients.

Benefit 4: It is easier to keep an active mouth

Invisalign makes keeping a regular oral hygiene routine easier than braces made of wire since retainers can be taken off when eating, cleaning, or flossing.

Our final blog describes how excellent dental hygiene can improve general health.

The result is:

  1. A) Reduce the risk of tooth loss
  2. B) Lower the possibility of experiencing oral pain
  3. C) be prepared to guard against general wear and tear

Straighter teeth have been associated with better chewing, which may result in better digestion.

Why are you wasting time?

Our Much Hadham Dental Care team will love to assist if you are searching for an easy and discreet alternative for metal braces.

We recognize that many may be anxious about visiting dental professionals, so we’ll provide guidance and help at the starting point of your new-patient journey.

To learn more regarding Invisalign for your needs in Hertfordshire, reach out to any member of Much Hadham Dental Care today.

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