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Transform your smile with veneers in Much Hadham

We provide porcelain veneers in Much Hadham and across Hertfordshire.

A veneer is a beautifully sculpted wafer-thin cover that is bonded to a tooth’s front surface. Each one is a custom-crafted shell designed for each of our patient’s teeth to give them the appearance they desire.

A confident, natural-looking smile with veneers!

Dental veneers look so natural that they are hard to tell from real teeth. We provide our patients with veneers that match the size and colour of their natural teeth, making them virtually indistinguishable. In as little as two visits, you can have your custom-crafted veneers bonded to your natural teeth. You can almost immediately get up and about as getting veneers does not require recovery time.

Benefits of veneers

  • Stain-resistant
    Enjoy a coffee or a glass of red wine without worrying about stains on your teeth. Veneers are highly resistant to discolouration, keeping your smile bright and vibrant!
  • Long-lasting
    Invest in a lasting transformation. Our high-quality veneers are durable and designed to withstand the test of time, providing you with a radiant smile for years to come.
  • Versatile
    Whether you’re addressing gaps, chips, or uneven teeth, veneers offer a versatile solution. Achieve a stunning, even smile that reflects your unique personality.

The consultation process

  1. Comfort and communication – Our consultation process is designed with your comfort in mind. Share your concerns, ask questions, and let us know your smile goals. Effective communication ensures a tailored veneer plan that suits your needs.
  2. Understanding the cost – During the consultation, we’ll discuss the costs associated with veneer treatment. Our team is committed to transparency, helping you understand the investment in your smile transformation.
  3. Crafting your unique smile
    After discussing your concerns and goals, we’ll explore veneer options together. From materials to shades, we’ll tailor your veneers to perfectly match your vision, ensuring a personalised and stunning smile that reflects your unique style.
  4. Mapping your smile journey
    Once we’ve finalised your veneer plan, we’ll outline a customised treatment timeline. This includes the number of appointments, duration of each visit, and an overall schedule that fits seamlessly into your life. Your journey to a radiant smile is designed for both effectiveness and convenience.

Veneers colour shades explained


1. Are veneers noticeable?
No, our veneers are crafted to mimic the natural appearance of teeth, ensuring a seamless blend with your smile.

2. Do veneers require special care?
While veneers are low-maintenance, maintaining good oral hygiene practices and regular dental check-ups will help ensure their longevity.

3. How long does the veneer process take?
The entire process typically takes a few weeks, including consultation, customisation and placement. Our team will guide you through each step for a smooth experience.

4. How much do veneers cost at Much Hadham Dental?
At Much Hadham Dental Care, veneers start from £676. You will receive a full estimate based on a personalised treatment plan and the condition of your teeth. Finance options are available for treatment plans from £950 and above including a 12 month interest free credit plan (Subject to Approval). Terms and conditions applies.

5. How do I care for my veneers?
Maintaining veneers are as simple as caring for natural teeth. Observing proper oral hygiene such as brushing teeth twice a day, and flossing daily can make your new smile last for a long time. Regularly visiting us for check-ups will also help maintain your veneers and keep your smile healthy. Veneers are stain resistant and do not change colour so you don’t have to worry about getting them replaced or getting another treatment due to discolouration.


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    Patients in search of dental veneers in Much Hadham, Bishop’s Stortford, Ware and the rest of Hertfordshire, need not look any further. If you have any questions about veneers, the procedure or other options feel free to call us on 01279 842 567 or email us at

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