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Dental Hygiene

Protect your oral health with dental hygiene in Much Hadham

The Importance of dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is the foundation of a healthy smile and plays a crucial role in preventing common dental issues such as cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. Regular dental hygiene practices, combined with professional cleanings, contribute to the overall well-being of your oral cavity and support your general health.

Key aspects of our dental hygiene services

Professional cleanings: Our skilled dental hygienists conduct thorough and gentle professional cleanings to remove plaque and tartar build-up, preventing the development of cavities and gum disease.

Comprehensive examinations: During your dental hygiene visit, we conduct comprehensive examinations to assess the health of your teeth and gums. This allows us to detect and address potential issues early, ensuring timely intervention and personalized care.

Education and prevention: We prioritise patient education, providing guidance on effective oral hygiene practices at home. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to maintain a healthy smile between dental visits.

Periodontal care: For patients with gum disease, our dental hygienists specialise in periodontal care, offering treatments to manage and improve gum health. This includes scaling and root planing to address deep pockets and restore gum tissue health.

Your role in maintaining dental hygiene

Maintaining optimal dental hygiene extends beyond the dental chair. As our valued patient, you play a vital role in your oral health by:

  • Regular brushing and flossing: Adopting a consistent routine of brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily helps remove plaque and prevent tooth decay.
  • Healthy dietary habits: Consuming a balanced diet and limiting sugary snacks contributes to overall oral health.
  • Regular dental check-ups: Scheduling regular dental check-ups allows us to monitor your oral health, detect issues early, and provide personalised guidance for ongoing care.

Airflow (Tooth Polishing)

Airflow is a modern cosmetic treatment that results in whiter teeth. No risk of damaging your teeth. You will see the results immediately.

It works through the combined power of Air, Sodium bicarbonate and a jet of water. For the best results some minor de-scaling may be required, we will be able to advise you when you visit us.

Tea, coffee and red wine staining will be a thing of the past. Smokers will be pleased to know that Airflow is also very effective against nicotine staining.

Airflow will leave you with a great smile and fresh clean feel to your teeth.

We are pleased to accept patients from across Hertfordshire including the local towns of Bishops Stortford, Ware, Much Hadham and further afield.

How to take care of your smile in 3 simple steps

Professional cleaning

Regular professional cleanings by a dental hygienist are a fundamental step in dental hygiene. These cleanings involve the removal of plaque and tartar, addressing areas that are challenging to reach with regular brushing and flossing. Professional cleanings help prevent cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues.

Effective home care

Maintaining good dental hygiene at home is essential for long-term oral health. This includes brushing teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, using dental floss or interdental brushes to clean between teeth, and incorporating antimicrobial mouthwash into your routine. Consistent home care helps control plaque build-up and reduces the risk of dental problems.

Regular dental check-ups

Scheduling regular dental check-ups allows your dentist and dental hygienist to monitor your oral health, detect issues early, and provide personalised guidance. These appointments often include professional cleanings, thorough examinations, and discussions about proper oral care practices. Regular check-ups contribute to the prevention and early intervention of dental issues.

Neo Air Polish - before and after

With NEO AIR POLISH, you can see remarkable before-and-after results that go beyond the limitations of traditional hygienist visits. Not every stain fades away with simple polishing, and that’s where our revolutionary Advanced AIRFLOW system steps in. This cutting-edge technology combines water, compressed air, and fine powder particles to achieve a level of cleaning and polishing that surpasses conventional methods, reaching even the most challenging-to-access areas of your teeth.

The NEO AIR POLISH system ensures a swift and comfortable cleaning experience, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of patients. Whether you have sensitive teeth, dental implants, bridges, veneers, or crowns, this innovative method is tailored to suit your needs. The gentle, yet effective nature of the AIRFLOW system ensures a thorough cleaning process without compromising the integrity of dental work, offering a fast and comfortable solution that leaves your smile looking and feeling refreshed.

Experience the NEO AIR POLISH difference – a state-of-the-art approach to dental cleaning that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of patients seeking a comprehensive and gentle solution for their oral care needs.

At Much Hadham Dental Care, we place a strong emphasis on dental hygiene, recognising its crucial role in maintaining overall oral health. Our dedicated dental hygiene services are designed to prevent dental problems before they start, ensuring your teeth and gums remain healthy and strong. Our experienced hygienists use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to provide thorough cleanings, plaque and tartar removal, and personalised advice on home oral care routines.

Embark on a path to optimal oral health with Much Hadham Dental Care. Reach out to us today to schedule a dental hygiene appointment and take a proactive step towards a healthier, brighter smile.

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