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For the Best Results from Your Invisalign Treatment, use These Tips

Tips For The Best Results From Your Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is a revolutionary teeth-straightening treatment that comfortably and discreetly gives your smile a makeover. The treatment uses a series of tailor-made aligners, each set to gradually move your teeth to the desired position. The aligners are removable so you can eat and brush your teeth with ease.

Invisalign is a great treatment for adults and teens. As an orthodontic treatment, though, it will entail a bit of a change in your routine. So here are some tips on adjusting to the Invisalign life, and how to optimise the result of your treatment.

Resist the temptation to remove your aligners.

Users wear their aligners for at least 20 hours a day for the treatment to be successful. So, unless you are eating, drinking or brushing your teeth, best to keep them on. If you remove the aligners because you feel odd with them in your mouth, it will take longer for you to get used to having them. Also, it will take longer for the treatment to achieve the desired result.

The toothbrush is your best friend.

The slight difference when you’re using Invisalign is that as well as brushing your teeth twice a day, you should also brush your teeth after eating or drinking coloured food or drink. This prevents the aligners becoming stained and keeps them discreet. To be prepared, bring a toothbrush kit with you. This may take some getting used to, but your teeth and aligners will thank you for it.

Don’t get carried away with cleaning.

Some wearers love to keep their aligners bright, clean and smelling fresh, and end up using cleaners that are too abrasive. Using warm water, a soft toothbrush and mild soap is fine. Do not soak them in mouthwash or use toothpaste as these cleaners affect the transparency of the aligners. Don’t wash them in hot water either, as this causes warping.

When you remove your aligners, keep them in the case.

It’s easy to forget where you put your aligners when you take them out and wrap them in tissue. Since they are clear, they may be hard to find if you don’t keep them in something. Make sure they stay safe and clean by putting them in their original case.

Keep your old retainers.

You might need your old aligners after you move onto the next pair. On the off chance that you lose or break an aligner, you may have to use your old ones temporarily. So, make sure that you clean your old sets before storing them away.

There you have it. Just try to make these tips a habit and you’ll enjoy your journey to straighter teeth.

Considering having your teeth straightened? We are a proud provider of Invisalign in Hertfordshire and can assess if you are a suitable patient for the treatment. For a pleasant experience, we use a scanner to make an impression of your teeth. We also have an Invisalign Outcome Simulator to give you a glimpse of your future smile.

At Much Hadham Dental Care, patient satisfaction is our practice’s foundation. Book a Free Smile Assessment with us today!

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