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Don’t Risk Your Teeth With Illegal Whitening Outlets

Don’t Risk Your Teeth With Illegal Whitening Outlets

BBC investigation finds illegal teeth whitening still widespread.

A recent investigation by the BBC has found that, despite teeth whitening now being illegal unless provided by a registered dentist, the practice is still continuing and is still widespread.

This is certainly a safety concern, and one of the reasons for the law being passed initially was the lack of skills, training and knowledge of many of those offering this treatment in high street outlets. In many cases, the strength of the solution used to whiten the teeth was not sufficiently diluted, causing some very nasty burns to the lips and gums.

Getting around the law

There have been cases discovered where the person involved attempted to get around the law by not performing the whitening procedure themselves, but allowing the patient to apply the trays containing the whitening ingredient themselves. From the patient’s perspective, this allowed them to use a much stronger solution than is found in ‘at home’ kits, and the business to try to get around the law by claiming that they weren’t the ones applying it.

Without wishing to debate the finer points of law; at Much Hadham Dental Care in Hertfordshire, we are aware of how strong these solutions are, and, to leave them in the hands of an untrained patient, however careful they are, could lead to some very serious burns. This could lead to permanent damage, potentially leading to a lifetime of sensitive teeth or worse.

Safe teeth whitening

If you are ever tempted to have your teeth whitened at one of these illegal outlets, perhaps due to reduced cost, please don’t. You may well damage your teeth and suffer burns, and have to pay for it into the bargain! We have safely and effectively whitened teeth for many patients from local areas such as Ware and Bishop’s Stortford over the years, who have been delighted with the results.

For reassurance, you should not be concerned about having your teeth whitened if done by a qualified dentist. It is perfectly safe and can, indeed, be repeated for those who wish to keep their teeth white.

Although the system that we use may initially appear to be similar to these illegal outlets, not only is the strength of the solution used safely controlled, but we will ensure that the trays containing the solutions are made specifically to fit you securely. By doing this, the possibility of any leakage of the bleaching solution is kept to an absolute minimum. In addition to the safety aspects of our whitening procedure, you also get to do this in the comfort of your own home, instead of having to sit for periods of time in our dental practice. We know that time is precious for most people and that the convenience of “at home” whitening is widely appreciated.

If you would like to have your teeth whitened both effectively and safely, please call Much Hadham Dental Care today on 01279 842 567 to arrange an initial consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists.

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