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How Using Composite Bonding Can Improve Your Smile

Similar to Veneers, Composite Bonding in Hertfordshire can be used to cover small gaps and improve the appearance of cosmetic flaws in the smile. If you don’t like your smile due to damaged, chipped, or broken teeth, or gaps in between your teeth, Cosmetic Bonding could be the answer you’ve been looking for!

The white materials used for Composite Bonding are the same as the ones used in fillings.  However, in this instance, the material is  utilised to bond and alter the teeth’s appearance – as opposed to taking the place of the tooth. 

What are the uses of Composite Bonding?

  • Repairing a chipped, worn, or damaged tooth
  • Filling  in the gaps between the teeth
  • Making  teeth appear longer
  • Changing the form of teeth

What is the standard  procedure?

The dental surface must be cleaned to make sure that the  bonding material (or resin) is quickly fixed to the teeth. The bonding substance is then applied to the teeth’s surface, which is then sculpted and shaped to create a natural appearance. At the end of the process, the composite is polished to perfect the appearance and deliver the desired results. Your dentist will use the shade guide to select the best shade of composite resin to match the natural colour of your teeth. Some patients choose to have an appointment for teeth bleaching before this treatment since the composite material is not lighter if tooth bleaching is required following the procedure.

What are the advantages of Composite Bonding in Hertfordshire? 

  • It’s a  low-cost treatment.
  • The procedure is fast, painless and is usually completed in a single visit
  • Anaesthetics are not required unless the  tooth in question has decayed
  • The procedure is less damaging than veneers as it leaves the integrity of the tooth intact 

Composite Bonding is becoming an increasingly popular option for treatment for patients.

Composite Bonding: Before & After Examples

  1. In this case, Composite Bonding has bridged the gap between the two upper front  teeth and covered the teeth to form on either side.
  2. In this case, the teeth had been damaged due to poor hygiene. After dental whitening, the teeth were reconstructed using Composite Bonding.

If something is bothering you regarding your smile, talk to your dentist in Hertfordshire.

How can Composite Bonding in Hertfordshire be used?

As we have mentioned earlier, it is possible to use Composite Bonding to fix many dental problems. 

For example, there may be specific teeth that you wish to whiten – but would prefer to do so without opting for the expensive and damaging Veneers treatment. Alternatively, you could have a few small gaps between your front teeth that you would like to bridge – but don’t wish to undergo extensive Orthodontic treatment for. In both these instances, our team of Hertfordshire dentists can help you to determine how Composite Bonding can give you the easiest and most suitable solution.

Did we mention that the  Composite Bonding process can also hide chips and cracks in the enamel?

What is Our Approach? 

Our Hertfordshire Composite Bonding team will first be required to discuss the aesthetics of your teeth with you. Are you looking to have your teeth appear whiter? Do you want to cover up a minor fracture on one of your teeth? What is the general appearance you would like to achieve? 

Our team will then choose  the suitable resin to match your tooth’s shade so that your aesthetic needs can be satisfied. This will be followed by gently sanding a tiny portion of the surface of your tooth to create a rough area to which we can better attach the resin.  We will then cover the tooth with the liquid, which acts as glue, assuring that the composite is in the right place.

The resin will be placed on the tooth and shaped with files and drills. Don’t worry, it isn’t too painful! Once this is complete, our team will make the resin harder with UV light  as soon as we have reached our desired form. As the last part, we will smooth the surface as much as possible.

What is the Longevity of Composite Bonding in Hertfordshire? 

Composite Bonding can last for more than five years if properly maintained. It is important to note that even though the resin is strong, it can be damaged and chipped if you are not too careful or don’t maintain proper hygiene. If this happens, the Much Hadham Hertfordshire team can set an appointment to repair and polish the resin.. 

However, keep in mind that you’ll have to visit our team for a check-up so that we can determine whether your bond is strong enough or requires additional work to keep it in place.

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