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Black Friday Sale – Ware and Bishop’s Stortford

Save up to £500 on Invisalign orthodontic treatment on 27th November 2015.

Black Friday is big in America, although, until recently, was barely known here. This is changing though, and on 27th November, bargain hunters will be out searching for special offers across the UK, and we suspect those looking to improve their smile will be no different.

With this in mind, Much Hadham Dental Care in Hertfordshire are offering up to £500 off Invisalign for one day only. Make sure that you don’t miss out on this fantastic offer and take a excellent opportunity to have even and straight teeth to give you a great smile.


Why Invisalign?, you might ask. Well, Invisalign is now perhaps the best known method of straightening teeth in a comfortable and discreet manner. Although it may not be as fast acting as some orthodontics, the comfort and convenience, to say nothing about the discreet wearing, means that more and more people are opting for this method of straightening their teeth. Because of this, we are sure that potential patients from surrounding locations such as Ware and Bishop’s Stortford will be happy to make the short trip to the village of Much Hadham to take advantage of our special offer.

As a member of the MISmile Network, we are part of one of the largest Invisalign providers in the UK and are committed to helping our patients achieve the smile that they want. Our cosmetic dental team are always happy to discuss your aims with you and provide a dental plan to help you to attain them.

Whilst we understand that many patients are nervous about wearing dental braces, due to the stigma that has long been attached to them; we are fully confident that, once introduced to the concept of Invisalign braces, you will find them to be not only an effective teeth straightening method, but one that means that you can continue your life with very little inconvenience, and in comfort too.

As Invisalign orthodontics are designed to be removed when eating and cleaning the teeth, there are none of the lengthy cleaning methods involved as can be the case with regular dental braces. The fact that they are made from clear medical grade plastic also means that, unless you tell them, few people will even notice that you are wearing them.

Take advantage

If you have been considering teeth straightening option for some times, and have, perhaps, been deterred by the cost factor (though we do offer payment methods to help you spread the commitment), why not contact Much Hadham Dental Care on 01279 842 567 for Black Friday and save yourself up to £500 on this fantastic teeth straightening offer!

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