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Natural Looking Dental Veneers

Bespoke dental veneers to suit each individual patient.

One comment we sometimes hear from patients who visit us from the Ware and Bishop’s Stortford areas of Hertfordshire is that they feel that having cosmetic dental treatments will leave them with an unnatural looking smile.

Whilst some patients do want the bright white smile that can be achieved with a tooth whitening procedure; should the patient wish to take it to that level, others simply want a more natural looking appearance and not the “Hollywood” glare we so often see on TV.

With teeth whitening, this simply means stopping the treatment earlier on in the process once the level of whiteness required has been achieved.

Dental veneers

With dental veneers commonly used to restore badly discoloured or chipped and cracked teeth and unfortunately not all of them well-fitted, some people are understandably concerned that they may look unnatural and stand out too visibly. This need not be the case however, and well-fitted veneers can be made to suit each patient’s individual requirements. Whilst, as with teeth whitening, some patients do want a bright shade of white to give them the maximum impact, others are more discreet and simply wish for a natural looking improvement to their teeth.

This is not a problem for our cosmetic dentists and at the same time we take all of the necessary measurements to fit the veneers accurately and naturally, we will also seek the best colour match for your natural teeth.

Colour maintenance

Well fitted veneers should last in the region of ten years or more and it is only natural that patients will want them to stay the same colour for as long as possible. Veneers are made from porcelain which is non porous and therefore will not absorb staining products, such as tea, easily.

Having said that, substances, such as tar from cigarette smoking, can stick to the outside of the veneers and, therefore, patients should be aware of the risk that their new veneers may stain, especially if they are heavy smokers. This could, of course, be a good excuse to stop smoking, which would also be of great benefit to the patient’s oral health, and reduce the risk of mouth cancer too.

By having dental veneers fitted, whether in your natural shade, or in a brighter one, your smile can certainly be enhanced and your confidence to smile given an effective boost.

For more information about dental veneers, please call Much Hadham Dental Care on 01279 842 567 to arrange a consultation with us to discuss your requirements.

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