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Cosmetic Dentistry For Ware Patients

How a short journey to Much Hadham Dental Care could improve your smile.

Although we are based in the attractive Hertfordshire village of Much Hadham, many of our patients come to us from nearby towns, such as Ware. For those who make the short journey, they are rewarded with top class dental care by a team who treat each patient as an individual and really do try to go the extra mile to provide a friendly and rewarding experience.

This is important, not only because it makes for a more pleasant appointment, but also because each patient will have different needs. This applies equally to patients who come to us for more complex cosmetic dentistry as for those who need more general treatments such as fillings and general hygiene appointments.

Cosmetic procedures

Those patients who visit our practice for cosmetic dental treatments usually do so because they are unhappy with some aspect of their appearance. Having discoloured teeth is one of the main reasons and is something which occurs naturally as we get older, and will therefore affect us all. Given that this is one of the most affordable cosmetic dental procedures, it is perhaps no surprise that our customised home whitening kit is one of the most popular procedures for our dental patients from Ware and across Hertfordshire.

It is far from the only treatment that we offer at Much Hadham Dental Care though. Along with ever popular teeth whitening, we offer patients the opportunity not only to have whiter, but straighter teeth too. Even patients who may have decided against dental braces when younger have been impressed with the modern invisible braces that we now offer. By using our Invisalign orthodontics system, we offer them the opportunity to have their teeth straightened without the need for old-style braces as they most likely remember them. Invisalign uses an entirely different system altogether which consists of a series of trays that progressively move the teeth towards their desired position.

Comfort and convenience

Not only does Invisalign avoid wires and brackets of traditional braces, they are also removable. Whilst removing them should be kept to a minimum to avoid prolonging the treatment period, they are designed to be removed when eating meals and also when cleaning the teeth. This flexibility means that eating does not have to be a trial as many traditional brace wearers find. Cleaning also becomes easier with no wires to trap food particles.

Once the trays have been worn for a few days, when, as you would expect, they may feel a little unusual, most wearers report that they barely notice them. In addition, the clear nature of the braces means that most of your friends will not notice that you are wearing them either! If you live near Much Hadham, perhaps in the Ware area and are unhappy with your smile, remember that we are but a short journey away from having a more attractive smile.

Please call the Much Hadham Dental Care team today on 01279 842 567.

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