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Trusted MiSmile Invisalign Provider for Patients In Hertfordshire

Trusted MiSmile Invisalign Provider for Patients In Hertfordshire

Much Hadham Dental Care offers a discreet way to straighten your teeth.

There are many variations of dental braces available which work well to align previously crooked teeth. Most of these orthodontic devices though, are variations of the old styled ‘train track’ braces.

Whilst these brace systems generally now use finer materials and also ones that are made to match the colour of a patient’s teeth, they do still have some of the problems associated with traditional braces.

Apart from any discomfort felt using this method, the wires and brackets used are notorious for trapping particles of food and, consequently, it requires extra diligence to keep your teeth clean and free of tooth decay and/or gum disease during the treatment period.

But there is one new type of near invisible orthodontic system which avoids this problem.

Invisalign and its benefits

Invisalign orthodontics work on an entirely different system. Gone are the wires and brackets, and, instead, a series of transparent trays are made that fit directly over the teeth. These are designed to be removed when eating and also when cleaning the teeth. This way, good oral health can be maintained whilst your teeth are being straightened. Producing these trays is done from impressions and 3D images and requires a high level of skill. As part of the MiSmile network of Invisalign providers, we can be trusted to provide you with Invisalign braces which will not only be effective in straightening your teeth, but should offer a high degree of comfort as well.

Over the years, we have had many satisfied patients, not only from Much Hadham, but Ware, Bishop’s Stortford and other Hertfordshire towns too. We hope that, if you wish you have your teeth straightened, you will join them.

How will my teeth look after treatment?

Advances in technology and the latest dental equipment that we use at our practice does enable us to show patients how their teeth should look following their Invisalign treatment. As having teeth straightened is not a speedy process, many find that being able to visualise their future appearance helps them to commit to the time needed for the orthodontics to work.

With more and more people now wishing to have nice even teeth, Invisalign is a great method to achieve it and we are always happy to see new patients to discuss the procedure at an initial consultation. Although time is running out, we are still offering £500 off Invisalign treatment during January 2016. So it’s is not too late to decide to have straighter teeth at a beneficial price!

Please call us today on 01279 842 567 to book your teeth straightening consultation.

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