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Some Dental Friendly Xmas Present Ideas

A few tooth friendly suggestions for your Christmas stockings.

It’s that time of year again when we wrack our brains to think of what to buy our friends and relatives for Christmas. Shopping on the high streets of Ware and Bishop’s Stortford can be stressful, so, below we have made a few suggestions of some tooth friendly presents that you might like to add to your Christmas shopping list.


Some children may already have a strong idea of what they want for Christmas, whilst others, to the exasperation of their parents, probably change their mind with each advertising campaign that comes on TV. With children, however, it is often the little gifts that can be the most damaging to the teeth and most of these come in the form of sweets and chocolates. Whilst we don’t wish to be ‘killjoys’ when it comes to Christmas, it is a good idea to avoid excessive sugar consumption, especially at a time when children are probably going to be tired and possibly clean their teeth more half heartedly.

Instead of lots of sweets, why not buy them smaller toys or even specific dental presents such as a toothbrush with their favourite character on it? A fun two minute timer will always help them to brush their teeth more effectively too. Treats don’t have to be avoided though, and there are now many more sugar free sweets and chocolates available on the market that children will enjoy.


Buying for adults can be tricky, but there are a few dental friendly items which can be bought. Perhaps the most obvious of these is an electric toothbrush. These are very popular now and are used by a large proportion of the population. Whilst a regular toothbrush works equally well if used properly, electric toothbrushes are easy to use, and many people find that it leaves their mouth feeling cleaner and fresher too.

For the man or woman who has everything, why not consider treating them to a teeth whitening procedure? This affordable cosmetic dental treatment will bring out the best in their smile and we are sure that they will be delighted with the result. The procedure is carried out at home, but unlike ‘take home kits’ from chemists, the trays are personalised to whiten the teeth effectively and avoid any potential burning. Full advice and details will, of course, be given by the cosmetic dentist at Much Hadham Dental Care.

We know that ‘dental presents’ are probably not the most exciting (apart from the teeth whitening of course!) and that chocolates and sweets will almost inevitably end up in Christmas stockings as well. Hopefully though, teeth will still be thoroughly cleaned and flossed and you will enter 2016 with no dental problems!

For more information about our teeth whitening treatment or for a general appointment, please call Much Hadham Dental Care on 01279 842 567.

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