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Tailor Made Patient Care

Tailor Made Patient Care

Treating all of our patients as individuals, whatever their requirements.

With the expansion of dental care into the cosmetic market, actually both dentistry and facial aesthetics; dentistry is no longer purely about solely keeping teeth strong and healthy, but also about improving how they look.

Whilst the general oral health care of our patients will always be our first priority for all ages, the increasing number of patients in the Much Hadham, Bishop’s Stortford and Ware area who are looking to also improve the way that they look means that we now customise patient treatments to meet their individual requirements.

Whilst each of our patients will have different, specific needs, they generally fall within one of three categories:

General Care

The largest majority of patients of Much Hadham Dental Care are those simply looking to keep their teeth in good order and their mouth healthy. By and large, this is achieved through ensuring regular oral health checks, with minor procedures where needed. Adding regular hygienist visits can also play a large part in having a healthy mouth, and especially in the avoidance and treatment of gum disease.

Occasionally, some treatments which may also fall into the ‘cosmetic’ category may be used when a tooth needs more major restoration, such as a dental crown to ‘cap’ a broken tooth.

Cosmetic Improvement

This category of patient generally looks after their teeth, with good daily brushing and flossing as well as regular check ups. Often though, they are dissatisfied with certain elements of how their smile appears. Some may have teeth that have become discoloured with age or through general staining, whilst others may feel that their teeth are unattractive as they have become crooked. Some, of course, may need both of these problems correcting.

With the wide range of cosmetic dental procedures that are now available, including modern invisible orthodontics and tooth whitening treatments, we can transform patients’ smiles and help them to feel more confident again.

The Hollywood Smile and Facial Aesthetics

The final category is similar to the above, but often goes one step further. These patients want to look the best that they possibly can, and, in addition to cosmetic dental procedures to straighten and whiten their teeth; they also seek out anti wrinkle treatments such as Botox and Dermal Fillers that we have available at our Much Hadham Cosmetic Dental Practice.

Whichever type of dental patient you are though, you can be sure of a friendly and personalised service when you visit us for treatment. To arrange for a personal consultation with one of the team at Much Hadham Dental Care, please call us on 01279 842 567.

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