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Invisalign – The Clear Choice

Why people seeking straighter teeth in Hertfordshire choose Invisalign orthodontics.

Dental braces have had a poor reputation over the years, predominantly because of the high visibility factor of traditional metal dental braces. There are many adults around now who have crooked teeth simply because they refused to have these fitted as teenagers.

At Much Hadham Dental Care in Hertfordshire, we see an increasing number of adults each year with uneven teeth who have decided that it is time to act and do something about it. After the initial teeth straightening consultation, the vast majority opt for Invisalign braces.

Reasons to choose Invisalign

Invisalign orthodontics are the most popular choice of our patients from Bishop’s Stortford and Ware; and for good reason too. They have many advantages over other orthodontic systems, some of the more obvious of these follow below.

Discretion – Invisalign braces are made from a high quality medical grade transparent plastic, and, as such, once fitted, are almost invisible to the casual observer. This allows the wearer to have their teeth straightened whilst still feeling confident enough to smile when wearing them.

Eating – Eating with braces can be difficult, with food easily becoming stuck in the wires and brackets. Invisalign, however, does not use wires and brackets but, instead, is a series of teeth straightening trays that fit firmly over the teeth.

These trays are designed to be removed whilst eating. Providing that the teeth are cleaned before returning the trays to the teeth, this greatly reduces any problem of dental decay that can occur with traditional braces. It also means that eating is still a pleasure and not a chore.

Oral hygiene

With traditional braces, even cleaning the teeth can be difficult. Food gets firmly lodged in the wiring and even vigorous brushing may not remove it all. This then leads to bacteria feeding on the sugars and producing acid that causes dental decay. As Invisalign orthodontics are easily removed, cleaning your teeth could not be more simple. You simply remove the trays and brush and floss your teeth as you would if you weren’t using them. Naturally, regular dental check ups at our Much Hadham practice should be maintained for the duration of the treatment period.

They work!

Invisalign braces really do work well. They are now a tried and tested method for straightening crooked and uneven teeth. Numerous patients from Much Hadham, Ware and Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire have had their crooked smiles evened out using this invisible adult orthodontic.

If you have uneven teeth, why not call Much Hadham Dental Care to find out more about how we can use Invisalign to improve your smile? Please call us today on 01279 842 567.

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